Penglipuran Village

 17 Mei 2022   

Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran Village is one of the traditional villages managed by the local community and has received many awards both nationally and internationally for its authentic condition and the cleanliness of the village which is very well maintained.

The location of the traditional village of Penglipuran is in Kubu Village, Bangli - Bali. The distance from Kuta to the Penglipuran Village is approximately 53 kilometers with estimated travel time, 1 hour 30 minutes with smooth traffic. The location of Bangli Penglipuran Village is at an altitude of around 600 - 700 meters above sea level so you can imagine about the cool air.

For you who is the first time to vacationing in the Penglipuran village, surely you will be surprised to see the shape of each resident's house is almost the same. The similarity of each house can be seen on the gate of the house, the roof of the house and the walls of the house using bamboo, the width of the gate that only fits one adult, locals called it Angkul-Angkul.

Not only the same shape of the house, but the division of each house layout is also the same, such as bedrooms and kitchens. Gate wall paint isn’t the wall paint that we usually know, but using paint made from clay. The change from bamboo walls to bricks makes the concept of being integrated into nature still very strong in the culture of the Penglipuran Indigenous village.

Aside from the almost identical forms of traditional buildings, there are several other interesting things from Penglipuran Bangli village such as air coolness, cleanliness, and neat spatial planning. Even motorized vehicles can’t enter the village areas. Motorized vehicles can be placed in the garage but through different lanes. You are also not allowed to smoke carelessly. If you want to smoke, you must do it in the place provided.

The culture of grouping from village spatial planning is very visible here. In the north and located higher than people's homes there is a village temple called Penataran temple. In the middle of the village which is located under the temple, is a zone where residents. At present, the village is inhabited by 226 family heads and for daily living, the villagers work as farmers, craftsmen of woven bamboo and raising livestock. The total area of the village is around 112 hectares and not all village land is used as a home for residents. About 40% of the village land is the bamboo forest. Cutting bamboo trees in this village shouldn’t be careless without any permission from the locals goverment.

The last zone is called Setra or grave. Although the Balinese Penglipuran villagers were Hindu, the Penglipuran Bangli villagers were not familiar with the ceremonial burning ceremony, so the bodies were immediately buried.

The best time to come is before the Galungan ceremony. On that day you can see a line of Penjor (long bamboo trees whose ends are decorated and planted in front of the house) which adorns every house in Penglipuran village. You can also watch Balinese girls dress in Balinese customs and bring Banten (offerings) to go to the temple.


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